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Gotu Kula

  • Rich In Amino Acids, Beta Carotene, Fatty Acids, and numerous potent phytochemicals.
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Calms Inflammation
  • Boosts Blood circulation

Gotu Kola, also known as Centella Asiatica has been used for centuries in both Chinese, Indonesian and Ayurvedic medicine. It is pegged as the “herb of longevity”.  It provides not only a positive impact on many internal health conditions; it also offers multiple benefits to the skin.

Rich in amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and numerous potent phytochemicals; Gotu Kola improves blood circulation, calms inflammation, speeds wound healing, stimulates new cell growth and builds collagen.  Triterpenoids an organic compound found in Gotu Kola also helps to boost antioxidants and is overall great for the skin.