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Moss (Stem Cell)

  • Strengthens skin resilience against urban aggressors
  • Enables skin to adapt to environmental changes.
  • Improves skin moisture, even in stressful conditions
  • Maintains cell nucleus health to ensure youthful skin

Moss belongs to the oldest plants on earth and can take up water through leaves. The Moss plants are extremely resistant against cold and dryness due to its aquaporins, cryoprotecting molecules and resurrection mechanisms. It is able to adapt fast enough to climate changes. By applying the plant stem cell topically, it helps to rejuvenates the cell nuclear pore complex and improves the molecular traffic into and out of the nucleus in aged cells. Cell is able to adapt much faster to environmental impacts, rejuvenated and preserve its structure and activities despite ageing. This activity creates a flawless completion, ensure trans-epidermal water loss (TWEL) reduction and ensure homogeneity of skin colours