A Natural Beauty Experience


A Land of Soaring Snow - Topped Peaks and Plunging Green Valleys

Like nowhere else in the world

The stark mountain landscape, with its rocky ridges, dry plain, and glassy lakes, is peppered with monasteries, palaces, villages and seasonal orchards. Discover the four elements found in this region. By understanding each elements presence in us, we become aware of our connection with nature. Here our key ingredient – The Himalayan Apricot is born.

Why Idemo

Our Skin, like our body, thrives on nutrition to stay healthy and beautiful. idemo applies the concept of feeding nutritious vegan food to our skin. 

Using the unique powerful organic Himalayan apricots that have developed strong resistant capacity towards harsh environment as our key ingredient; combining with only the highest quality and result proven plant based natural and organic Superfruits, Superfoods and flowers into our products, we deliver the power of nature to boost your skin immune system to combat aging. 

It is so effective yet gentle for both the young and mature skin.

Organic Floral Water

Floral waters help to tone, balance, heal and detoxify our skin. We believe in bringing all the benefits from mother nature into every drops of idemo products.

Idemo uses luxury Organic Therapeutic Floral Water from Rose, Geranium and Lavender as it’s filler for all our leave on products; replacing water/aqua to provide additional benefits to your skin.

Luxury Holistic Care

Youthful skin needs comprehensive, holistic and effective skincare routine to rejuvenate. This needs ingredients that are effectively combat sun damages, dehydration, inflammation, pigmentation, stimulate collagen density, exfoliate, improve skin barrier, even skin tone and pH balances idemo products are carefully formulated to incorporate holistic functional benefits from the plants.

As simple as 1 2 3

Idemo products are carefully formulated using the best quality natural plant based ingredients to activate our body’s natural ability to self – regenerate yet as simple as 1 2 3.

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