• Aroma: Sweet, fruity, herbal and fresh apple-like
  • Boost skin health
  • Soothe and calm irritation
  • Supports healthy and vibrant skin

Chamomile essential oil is one of the gentlest oils for all age group especially mother and baby. It has been used for centuries to calm crying children, reduce fevers, and soothe babies upset stomachs. Chamomile is derived from the daisy-like flowers of this perennial Chamomile plant. It contains natural chemical constituents called Azulene, an organic compound which is thought to help stop deterioration of skin cells, sooth Irritation, allergies and inflamed skin. The oil is also known for its’ sedative, soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities thus it’s best to calm, soothe redness and irritation of skin.

The whisper of flowers: The whispering feel of Chamomile touching your skin with the power of persistence.

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