Oat Protein

  • Rich in Omega 6, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, fibre and Minerals
  • Undo damage done to skin
  • Reduces itching and inflammation
  • Enhances health of skin and hair

Oats are grains from the cereal plant, Avena Sativa. The proteins in oat maintain the skin’s natural barrier, protect our skin from harsh pollutants and chemicals while the lubricating fats in oats aid in UV protection.

Oat contains beta-glucan that forms a fine film on our skin. It also imparts a soft, cushiony feel on the skin, drying to a velvety smoothness on the skin and hair. Hydrolyzed oats protein used retain significantly more moisture at all humidity, gaining up to 50% more moisture at relative low humidity when added moisture is most needed. Oat Hydrolysate also provides superior moisturising benefits for both the hair and skin. Highly effective on dry irritated skin thus help treat itching associated with dry and irritated skin.

Oats can also help prevent acne and improve complexion as it exhibits direct antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help treat itching associated with dry and irritated skin.

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