Snow Fungus Liposome

  • Rice source of Vitamin D
  • Anti-Inflammation and Anti-allergic
  • Deep Moisturize
  • Induce cells proliferation

Tremella Fuciformis is a jelly fungus which enjoyed a long history of medicinal use for healthy, moisturized and brighten skin complexion. Since 1940s, scientists in China have discovered over 40 anti-aging benefits in T. Fuciformis. Yang Guifei, one of the most beautiful women in Ancient Chinese history had been using Tremella mushroom for her facial and body care because the bioactive components polysaccharides in the plant provides deep moisture retention, skin protection, improves flexibility of cells, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and induce cell proliferation. Snow fungus Liposome uses encapsulation technologies to enhance the penetration. The efficacy is increased to target specific cell making the yield of efficacy even higher.

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